A Dying Breed, a small band from Waukesha, WI, is a metal band that has been working their way through the industry since 2005.

D.J. Dan plays hoppin’ big-band dance music to keep crowds movin’, specializing in 50s Top-40 dance tunes.

Dadderall plays originals and covers, including electronica, top-40 pop, indie, mainstream rock, and funk.

F.M.M. churns out serious hip hop and rap tracks.

The Mark Faile Band rocks out to the blues and classic rock sounds.

Rabid Aardvarks, aka The Playlist performs current pop and country hits.

Radio Creeps prides themselves on their “wild vocal rants” and instrumental breaks in their alt-rock, hard-rock, metal and industrial goth-rock.

Rick Raybine is a freelance drummer and member of All Systems Go, skilled in country-western, pop, classic rock, and mainstream hits.

Saction is a 5-piece blues and blues-rock band from Milwaukee.

Sue Dabaco & Wise Fools plays originals and covers across a range of genres, including jazz, folk, rock, pop, and urban.

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